Best Munich Hotels for a Perfect Holiday

August 27th, 2012 by munich

Are you planning to have a thoroughly enjoyable stay in one of the Munich hotels in style? Indeed, there are hotels that serve customers exclusively with a perfect German backdrop. Either you are on a long tour as part of your summer holidays or on a short trip to attend Oktoberfest, best amenities are always provided to you. Attractive hotel deals online are meant to furnish you a premium level of convenience as per your dynamic needs. However, it is suggested to make your bookings early because hotels in this Bavarian city are in great demand throughout the year. Here is a list of some of the prestigious hotels in the locality.

Mandarin Oriental Munich is one of those hotels that stands in the frontline when affordable hotel accommodation is considered. Apart from being a convenient place to stay for families, this hotel is ideal for parties and event celebrations as well. Haufbrau House is the best feature of this hotel that enables you to experience true feelings with maximum satisfaction. Luxury bath furnishings along with fully-furnished rooms ensure that you enjoy a comfortable stay as long as you are at the hotel. Prompt services will be provided by the affable staff whenever needed so that you can feel at home.

Cortiina Hotel is the preferred choice for you in case you are looking for a boutique hotel that has got all the features in it. Spacious hotel rooms differentiate this specific hotel from the rest of the hotels in Munich. Scenic views of the city with beautiful landscapes too are provided that leads to tourist’s fascination for sure. You cannot ignore additional facilities such as fresh water swimming pools and comfortable private WiFi zones. The hotel staff is available 24/7 unlike most of the others. All these features collectively ensure that it is a perfect halt for tourists visiting Munich.

Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel is a totally different hotel altogether. In addition to enjoying a perfect stay here, you can observe the historic views of the city as well. Perfectly designed according to modern construction standards, you will never regret your stay here. Quality food is served with varieties such as Continental, Thai and Italian along with Oriental delights. Holidaying along with your friends and family leaves you some of the memorable moments for you that you will cherish for life surely. Being in an easily accessible location, this is one of those Munich hotels offering you a perfect stay.

Choose Your Stay at Ideal Munich Hotels for Oktoberfest

August 24th, 2012 by munich

oktoberfestPremium accommodation facilities are offered by several hotels in the city of Munich of international reputation. However, you need to prefer only the ones that provide you with maximum facilities without costing extra. Excellent amenities are offered by such hotels in an exclusive manner by keeping in view of the importance of Oktoberfest. Booking early will not just save you from last minute blues but also enable you to have special discounts that are provided to you promptly. Online booking agencies are known to save your time by allowing you to book hotels of your choice as and when needed. Here is an overview of some of the best known hotels in this regard.

Sofitel Munich BayerpostSofitel Munich Bayerpost is one of the reputed Munich hotels for Oktoberfest that leaves you enthralled to the core. Tourists belonging to the elite range are known to seek accommodation at this particular hotel because of the provision of luxury amenities for an affordable price. Being in the heart of the city, it takes very less time to reach the hotel from any corner. Regular travel services are available from Salzburg. One of the esteemed features of this hotel is that of communication with the help of high-end gadgets and always-on WiFi connection. Scenic views of the city of Munich too are available from this hotel.

Any hotel you prefer in Munich will be well known for their ambience and is considered to be a traveler’s delight. Jedermann Hotel represents a stoic feeling with hospitality par excellence. Prompt services are provided to you right from reception to farewell. Located few blocks away from the old town of Munich, you hardly experience any difficulties in commuting. Hence, tourists prefer this hotel as their ideal stay for Oktoberfest. Regale with your friends and family to witness the historic German celebrations that comes seldom in your life.

Hotel Cocoon Sendlinger Tor is a majestic hotel that is regarded for the provision of best facilities that are affordably priced. Located in the Bavarian locality of Lindwurmstrasse, this hotel is known for the extra convenience offered in terms of transport. You can go for visiting local tourist attractions by getting comfortable accommodation here. Tourists can observe that European standards are maintained without compromising with quality. In fact, this hotel is preferred for long stays because of the cleanliness maintained besides offering flexible choices as per your comfort. Creatively designed décor along with modern furnishings is an exciting feature of this hotel which is why it is considered to be one of the best Munich hotels for Oktoberfest.